Incapture Technologies

Use Cases

Initially deployed by clients in the complex and demanding Financial Services industry, Rapture delivers solutions to firms across vertical markets who must: manage complex, data-driven business processes; enable data and knowledge sharing across silos; deliver comprehensive audit and control requirements to meet regulatory and client demands.

Global multi-strategy asset management firm

Our client deployed Rapture as an enterprise-wide platform integrating third-party applications, managing disparate data, and rapidly developing and managing new business applications.

Data Management

Manage data assets through the full lifecycle: Capture > Curate > Search > Distribute with a robust entitlements framework to manage access

Analytics Platform

Empower research and data science teams performing predictive analytics, machine learning, and other emerging applications with consistent, programmatic access to data in the language and tools they prefer; all this governed by a robust SDLC that allows for seamless migration of code from research and testing into production.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulations such as the Basel Committee’s Risk Data Aggregation Principles emphasize transparency throughout the reporting process: data collection and normalization, risk models, report generation and distribution; Rapture’s provenance and audit capabilities enable compliance with these mandates.

Risk Reporting

Apply proprietary and open source pricing and risk models to all positions and holdings in order to realize on-demand visibility to firm-wide exposures, even for non-standard assets.

Firm-wide reporting

Realizing an enterprise-wide view into performance often necessitates linking and normalizing data from various siloed systems prior to analysis and presentation in a Business Intelligence tool; leverage Rapture to build adapters that help manage this exercise.

Automate manual processes

A sprawl of siloed systems often necessitates manual workarounds for crucial business processes; from client on-boarding to data normalization. Replace uncontrolled and un-audited workarounds with well governed workflows that help manage costs and provide visibility to key activities.

Cloud Migration

Abstract business logic from underlying application concerns – databases, messaging, infrastructure – in order to optimize compute resources and application performance.