Incapture Technologies

Our Products

Incapture has built products that promote rapid application development and make it easier to manage your Rapture environment. Contact us for additional information on the products detailed below including pricing and deployment options.


Formally defined workflows to ingest structured and unstructured data from various sources: CSV, FTP, Excel, enterprise databases, commercial data vendors, and more. Can be extended to perform various “pre-processing” tasks including normalization and validation in a transparent and flexible manner.


Perform free-text searches across across metadata, content, and user applied tags. Build an inventory of enterprise-wide data assets to facilitate collaboration and limit the proliferation of duplicate and un-audited datasets.

Database Adapters

Access and manage data in relational databases (via JDBC connections) and noSQL databases (MongoDB, Cassandra, etc.)

Workflow Manager

Design, run, and manage custom business processes in an operationally resilient manner that enables operations teams to optimize performance while delivering transparency.

Operations Console

Capture and visualize black and white-box metrics on platform and application performance. Create custom monitoring dashboards and alerts that empower operations teams to troubleshoot and resolve issues.

Transformation Engine

Normalize and transform proprietary and third party data to various industry standard formats (FIX, SWIFT, etc.).