Incapture Technologies

Enterprise agility; grow revenue

Developers devote significant time re-building basic application building blocks such as workflow management, messaging, security, and entitlements. Rapture delivers a consistent implementation of these building blocks and thereby reduces time to market for new offerings.

Process automation; reduce costs

Legacy infrastructure and data silos hamper the productivity of technology teams. New technologies are typically difficult and/or expensive to integrate into existing environments. Rapture supports gradual migration to a more modern and automated environment without a major rip and replace implementation; incorporate innovative technology without requiring wholesale change at the application layer.

Operational transparency; manage risk

Regulators, boards, senior executives and investors are all demanding increased transparency to risk management and governance practices. Rapture delivers a single, well-governed and audited interface to access data stored across disparate systems in various formats. It provides transparency to underlying operations that enables technology teams to respond to these demands without resorting to expensive and error-prone manual workarounds.