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Exec Breakfast Series: Using Data to Gain an Edge in Asset Management

July 21, 2016

San Francisco and New York City – July 14, 2016

Incapture Technologies (“Incapture”) sponsored a gathering of leading practitioners to explore how asset managers can harness new data sources, analytical tools, and technology platforms to drive performance in coming years. Organized and hosted by United Sales and Marketing Group (“USAM”), the event was held on July 14th at the Core Club in New York City.

The event featured a panel discussion moderated by Peter Knez, co-founder of Incapture. Peter enumerated the factors which have created conditions for profound disruption in asset management and highlighted why embracing “datafication” is essential for firms to gain and maintain an edge going forward.

Drew Kellerman, Managing Director of Business Development for Vertical Knowledge (“VK”), shared examples of how open source data can be curated to generate actionable insights that inform investment and trading decisions.

Braxton McKee, Founder and CEO of Ufora, highlighted the importance of instilling a disciplined engineering culture oriented towards building systems that are consistent, repeatable, and robust.

Larry Leibowitz, CEO of Incapture Technologies, illustrated how firms must adopt an open and flexible, platform driven approach to their technology stack in order to capitalize on these opportunities. This is especially true for firms who have built up a proliferation of vendor products over the years and lack the agility to quickly implement new technologies.

A highlight reel featuring key takeaways will be available at in the coming weeks.

About Incapture
Incapture Technologies supports and develops Rapture, an open and extensible, information curation platform, targeted at technology savvy, information workers. Rapture shortens the development cycle of complex projects thereby significantly improving business agility. Purpose built for the Capital Markets Industry, it has particular focus on research & analysis, risk & compliance, and other data driven business lines.

Visit and the Rapture project on Github to learn more.

About Vertical Knowledge
VK is a global supplier of open source data and analytics for the defense, financial services, and commercial markets. It enables clients to generate actionable insight from the compliant use of open source data.

About Ufora
Ufora provides Data Science Engineering consulting to select firms to optimize their data science stack for speed, scale and accuracy. Building on years of experience in building highly complex distributed computing systems and parallel processing engines, Ufora’s engineers can quickly identify opportunities for efficiency in your existing data science stack and implement the changes without disruption to your ongoing data science work.

Visit and the Pyfora project on Github to learn more.

About USAM
USAM Group provides outsourced sales and marketing services to financial technology vendors. Leveraging the deep industry experience of established sales professionals, USAM helps companies grow revenue faster and more cost effectively than they could by hiring and managing their own sales team.

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