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Rapture available under open source license

San Francisco – Tuesday May 17, 2016

Incapture Technologies (“Incapture”) is excited to announce that the Rapture framework is now available as an open source offering.

Rapture delivers a development environment and run-time for distributed enterprise applications. Developers interact with a consistent API accessible in various languages which abstracts a number of fundamental tasks including data management, cloud deployment, messaging, entitlements, and audit.

Rapture is informed by decades of experience building and managing data driven applications for global asset management firms. The framework is equally suited for firms modernizing their existing environment or startups launching new offerings.

In order to capitalize on the promise of new technology paradigms while responding to client and regulatory demands for increased transparency and operational resiliency, capital markets participants must adopt a new approach to technology architecture. Closed, monolithic applications tied together with bespoke integrations and manual workarounds will give way to open architectures with API based integrations to internal and third party data and services. Rapture provides the foundation to realize this vision.

Releasing Rapture as open source is in line with an industry-wide movement towards open architectures. It also positions Rapture as a collaboration point amidst a burgeoning ecosystem of developers and vendors reshaping capital markets with new data sources, analytical tools, and applications.

Rapture is available through the open source MIT license. Incapture offers support licenses which provide on-demand access to experienced support resources for teams building mission critical applications.

Visit the Rapture Project github page to access documentation and visit to request access to a cloud hosted Rapture trial environment.

About Incapture
Incapture Technologies supports and develops Rapture, an open and extensible, information curation platform. targeted at technology savvy, information workers. Rapture shortens the development cycle of complex projects thereby significantly improving business agility. Purpose built for the Capital Markets Industry, it has particular focus on research & analysis, risk & compliance, and other data driven business lines.

Visit and to learn more.

Incapture Founder & CEO speaks at Global Financial Markets Forum.

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